Flat Fee Listing

We will list your house for $5,000 or $10,000 flat, with payment taking place at closing.

  • $5,000 will be paid to Coley Properties on list prices between 0-$499,999
  • $10,000 will be paid to Coley Properties on list prices between $500,000-$30,000,000
  • Not mandatory but it is suggested to also provide buyer broker fee of 1%-3% of sales price

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – We provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) so you are educated and informed of all the recent activity in your area and you can price your home according to the latest market data.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – We list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which automatically posts your listing to the popular real estate websites such as zillow.com and realtor.com.

Professional Photographer – We take care of having your home professionally photographed by a real estate photographer so your home will present itself in its best light for potential buyers.

Combo Lockbox – We provide a Combo Lockbox that holds your keys and allows agents to show your home without interrupting your day. Homes that have a lockbox simplify the process and are proven to get shown more often.

Coley Properties Yard Sign – We provide a Coley Properties yard sign to put in your yard which will give your property the look
of a listing by a true real estate professional

***If you just need a real estate contract written by Coley Properties we charge $999, pay upfront***

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